adik = younger brother or sister; (addressing); madam, miss, little sister or younger cousin
(kata sehari-hari – daily-use-word)

adik kakak brother and sister
(kata umum, a common word)

adik kandung full younger sibling (same mother and father)
(kata umum, a common word)

adik tiri younger stepsister or stepbrother; form of address younger brother or sister and younger people in extended family (especially first cousins); form of address from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend; form of address for service persons of either sex (waiter, etc. ) younger than the speaker
(kata umum – a common word)

Kalimat Contoh – Sample Sentence:

Apa yang membuat adik kandung Ayu dan Kemal punya ide mengenalkan mereka berdua?
(Detik, 02.06.00)

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